The Big Pond

A U.S.-German Listening Series

To mark Deutschlandjahr, Goethe Institut USA has partnered with KCRW Berlin, amongst other radio producers and broadcasters from the US and Germany, to bring you “The Big Pond.”

“The Big Pond” is a series of podcasts spanning topics such as music, sports, history, and more – bridging the gap across the Atlantic and underscoring what the two countries share. Starting on August 6, we will be highlighting selected episodes of “The Big Pond,” airing one every Tuesday at 21:00, through November. The first piece to air will be KCRW Berlin’s exploration of Berlin’s Ringbahn.

Tune in beginning Tuesday, August 6 at 21:00.



Photo (c) Ama Split and Riky Kiwy

The Big Pond #31: The Berlin Ringbahn

Produced by KCRW Berlin

Hop on board Berlin’s Ringbahn, a suburban train that carries over 400,000 passengers each day and circles some of the city’s most authentic and lively neighborhoods. Producer trio Monika Müller-KrollSylvia Cunningham, and Nikki Motson dedicate a day to riding the Ringbahn around the city. During their trip, they interview an array of Berliners entering and exiting at the train’s 27 stops, each station an entry into one of Berlin’s distinct districts.


Col. Gail S. Halvorsen Photo by Sylvia Cunningham.

The Big Pond #36: Luftbrücke – 70 Years of Memories

Produced by KCRW Berlin

On June 24, 1948, the Soviet military administration officially cut off roads and rails into West Berlin in the Berlin Blockade, isolating it from the rest of West Germany. In this episode of The Big Pond, KCRW Berlin reflects on the Berlin Airlift, a massive multinational effort to bring vital supplies to West Berliners via plane during the blockade. To tell this story, producers Monika Müller-KrollSylvia Cunningham, and Nikki Motson interview some of those who experienced it firsthand.