Henry Rollins’ Radio Show on KCRW Berlin

Hosted and curated by Henry Rollins

Musician, actor, television and radio host Henry Rollins brings his alternative rock show to KCRW Berlin.

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Playlist September 18, 2020

(The latest show can take up to 48 hours to appear in the online player. Last week’s playlist is below.) 

Buzzcocks Harmony In My Head
Singles Going Steady
J. Zunz Y Hibiscus
The Fall Middle Mass Slates
The Fall An Older Lover Slates
The Fall Prole Art Threat Slates
The Fall Fit and Working Again Slates
The Fall Slates Slates
The Fall Leave the Capitol Slates
The Misfits In The Doorway Static Age
Those Naughty Lumps Iggy Pop’s Jacket 7″
The Stooges Gimme Danger Raw Power
David Bowie Look Back In Anger Lodger
The Gun Club Temptation And I
Pastoral Hide & Seek
Public Enemy Harder Than You Think
How You Sell Soul To A Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul??
Ulaan Janthina Drifting
Ulaan Janthina (Part 1)
The Damned Love Song
Machine Gun Etiquette
The New York Dolls Looking for a Kiss New York Dolls
The Cramps Green Fuz
Psychedelic Jungle
Joy Division Warsaw
An Ideal for Living
Joy Division No Love Lost
An Ideal for Living
Joy Division Leaders of Men
An Ideal for Living
Joy Division Failures
An Ideal for Living
Generation X Night of the Cadillacs
Valley of the Dolls
The Ramones Come On Now
Pleasant Dreams
Black Sabbath The Wizard Black Sabbath
The Sods Copenhagen Minutes To Go
Jonny Telafone I am Unlisted Bleak
Dion Lunadon Negative Energy Schreien EP
Damaged Bug Microminiature Love Bug on Yonkers
Ty Segall Coconut Segall Smeagol
JJ Starr (w/ Lady T) Roll Call (edit) Roll Call! 1986
Arkade Funk Tilt 12″
Playlist September 11, 2020
The Gun Club Bill Bailey Mother Juno
The Birthday Party Deep In The Woods Peel Sessions
Julee Cruise Into The Night
Floating Into The Night
The Bonnevilles Zu Zu
Old Town Doo Wop Volume 1
Suicide Radiation
2nd Suicide Album
Damaged Bug The Thunder Speaks
Bug On Yonkers
The Damned Fan Club
Damned Damned Damned
Joy Division Transmission
BBC Recordings
Wire Lowdown Pink Flag
Chrissy Zebby Tembo Lonely Night My Ancestors
Stroppies Roller Cloud Look Alive
Melenas ¿Dónde Estás? Melenas
Tiger Pussy True **** Residuals
Linda Guilala Uroboros Psiconáutica
Flatworms Faultline Flat Worm
Miles Davis Willie Nelson (take 2)
Complete Jack Johnson Sessions
Mirah and Ginger Oh September Teenbeat 20
Ty Segall Gotta Get Up Segall Smeagol
Alien Nosejob Blending In
Suddenly Everything is Twice as Loud
Vintage Crop Gridlock
Serve to Serve Again
Naked Roommate Fondu Guru Do The Duvet
Jonnine Blue Hills Blue Hills
Buzzcocks Everybody’s Happy Peel Sessions
The Fall Edinburgh Man Shift-Work
Scott Walker Pilgrim Bish Bosch
The Ramones Havana Affair (Mono)
Ramones 40th Anniversary Ed.
The Heartbeats After Everybody’s Gone
Best of Candlelite Records Vol. 3
Hierophants Carbon Copy
Spitting Out Moonlight
Naked on The Vague These Days
Heaps of Nothing
One Last Wish Shadow 1986
The Adverts Television’s Over
Cast of Thousands
Ya Ya Choral My Friend The Chocolate Cake
What’s a Quaver
Generation X From the Heart (Winstanley Mix)
Generation X 2019 Box Set
Dax Riggs Wall of Death
We Sing of Only Blood Or Love
Boris Kagero Dear