Meet our editorial team

Meet our editorial team

Our editorial team comprises journalists and a digital marketing coordinator. Together they produce our daily newscasts, weekly current affairs show, “Studio Berlin,” monthly storytelling show, “The Bear on KCRW Berlin,” as well as regular features including “Wednesday 3 p.m.,” “Amplified,” “Your Day in Berlin History,” and more.

Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson – Program Director/Host

Soraya is a veteran American journalist who spent most of her 13 years at NPR as an international correspondent running the U.S. public radio network’s bureau in Kabul, Cairo and Berlin. She’s won numerous awards for her radio work, including a Peabody, Overseas Press Club Award and a Gracie. She also received the ICFJ 2017 Excellence in International Reporting Award for her coverage of Central and Eastern Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Afghanistan.

Prior to her radio career, Nelson spent 20 years as a newspaper reporter and was part of the Newsday team that won the 1997 Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of the crash of TWA Flight 800.

Monika Müller-Kroll – Senior Editor/Executive Producer of “Studio Berlin” 

Monika is the executive producer of KCRW Berlin’s current affairs show, “Studio Berlin,” and creator of “Wednesday 3 p.m.,” a series of short stories recorded by writers in Berlin and around the world.

She has lived in Amsterdam, London and Los Angeles, filing radio reports for German Public Radio, including Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR), Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) and Deutschlandradio Kultur.

She also worked for the BBC World Service and contributed to American radio programs, producing stories for “Studio 360” and NPR’s former midday program “Day to Day.”

In 2005, she won the RIAS Berlin Kommission Radio Award for her essays “Berlin Impressions,” and between 2007-2017, she produced short features for NPR Berlin’s “Life in Berlin” series.

Apart from radio, Monika’s passion is drawing cats. In 2003, her work formed part of the group exhibition “The Cat Show” at Acme Gallery in Los Angeles. In 2009, Parisian publisher Ialou released the first edition of “Mittens&Gloves,” a collection of Monika’s cat drawings.

Sylvia Cunningham – Deputy Editor/Co-host of “Studio Berlin”

Sylvia is the deputy editor at KCRW Berlin and co-host of “Studio Berlin.” She also produces the monthly storytelling show, “The Bear on KCRW Berlin.”

She first joined the team in October 2017 as a Fulbright grantee.

Before moving to Berlin, Sylvia lived in New York City and worked for NBC in a variety of roles, starting as a page in the NBCUniversal Page Program and later contributing to and working for “NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt.”

Sumi Somaskanda — Co-host of “Studio Berlin” 

Sumi is a freelance reporter, writer, and news anchor living and working in Berlin for more than a decade.

She covers politics, breaking news, society, and economics. Sumi is currently a senior news anchor at DW News (Deutsche Welle), Germany’s international broadcaster, and she reports on Germany for various media outlets, including The New Statesman, The Atlantic, Foreign Policy, and Al Jazeera.



Dina Elsayed – Senior Producer of “Common Ground”

Dina is the senior producer for KCRW Berlin’s new talk show Common Ground. She started her journalism career in 2012 as a producer for NPR’s Cairo bureau covering the Arab Spring. Later, she got a taste of the think tank experience in Washington D.C, and then took off for the UK to study film production and make a short film or two. A spur of a moment decision brought her to Berlin in 2017 to work as a video producer, and she’s been hooked ever since.

Dina is an obsessive jazz record collector and an avid hiker. She doesn’t have pets right now but her speakers and her bicycle come close.

Jess Sweetman – Digital Marketing Coordinator

Jess comes to KCRW Berlin via Seattle, Philadelphia and London, where she has spent the last 13 years working in marketing, public relations and communications for nonprofits of various shapes and sizes.

In her spare time she’s a writer, and occasional contributor to our feature, “Wednesday 3 p.m.” She’s also a filmmaker and likes to write about German cinema, watch horror movies and dance like no one’s watching – which hopefully they aren’t.



Benjamin Restle – Reporter

Benjamin is a co-host of “Your Day in Berlin History.” He also contributes to the regular music feature, “Amplified.”

He grew up in Berlin and has also lived in Canada. He studied politics in England and Finland before returning to his hometown.

Ben also works for Deutsche Welle’s English-language television program and online news desk.



Caleb Larson – Reporter

Originally from Los Angeles, Caleb is the co-host of “Your Day in Berlin History.”

He is also a staff writer with The National Interest, where he covers foreign policy, national security, current events and history. In addition, he works for Deutsche Welle’s English-language programming as both a translator and voiceover actor.

His work has been featured in The Jerusalem Post, the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung, Exberliner and other outlets.

Before moving to Berlin, Caleb studied public policy in Erfurt. He’s also lived in St. Petersburg and Australia.

Kate Brady – Reporter

Born in the U.K., Kate Brady first moved to Germany in 2011 and has since lived in Leipzig, Bonn and Berlin, reporting on German politics and current affairs for international broadcaster Deutsche Welle.

As political correspondent, the ongoing pandemic, German elections, the migration crisis and the rise of the far-right are just some of the bigger issues that Kate has covered over the past six years.

She also co-hosts and co-produces the English-language podcast about Germany “Neuschland,” and can often be heard frequenting the airwaves of various BBC stations with analysis of German affairs.

William Glucroft – Reporter

William has been one sort of reporter or another for more than 15 years. His work has taken him from his home in New England, to Israel and the West Bank, Liberia and around Europe.

For the last decade, William has covered German, European and transatlantic affairs from Berlin for BBC radio, PRI, Deutsche Welle and the Washington Post. He is co-producer and co-host of “Neuschland,” an English-language podcast about Germany.