Our Team

Meet our editorial team

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Kate Brady
Sylvia Cunningham
Dina Elsayed
William Glucroft
Caleb Larson
Monika Müller-Kroll
Benjamin Restle
Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson
Sumi Somaskanda
Jess Sweetman

Meet our DJs and Music Show Hosts

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Fredrika Brillembourg (“Leitmotifs”)
Sven Fortmann aka Forty (“The Fink+Forty Show”)
Nathaniel Fregoso (“The Mexican Radio Radio Show”)
Fin Greenall aka Fink (“The Fink+Forty Show”)
Moderna (“Brave New Rave”)
Hannes Neupert (“The Mexican Radio Radio Show”)
Henry Rollins (“Henry Rollins’ Radio Show on KCRW Berlin”)
Dyan Valdés (“The Mexican Radio Radio Show”)