Omnified Contributors

Ariane Coloumbe

Ariane Coulombe is a student, writer and art enthusiast living in Berlin. She has lived in Canada, Switzerland, and Germany where she has conducted many research projects namely on the factors behind political success and the rise of political extremism. She is a Master of International Affairs candidate at the Hertie School of Governance and holds a bachelor’s degree in International Affairs and Modern Languages, focusing on German literature. Besides academia, her interests include classical music, philosophy of language and French cinema.

Grace Dobush

Grace Dobush is a Berlin-based journalist and editor at Handelsblatt Global. She’s contributed to publications including Quartz, Wired, the Washington Post, the Economist and Writer’s Digest. She has worked on the staffs of HOW, Print, Family Tree Magazine and the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Hana Eckermann

Hana finished her MA in English Language and Literature at Charles University Prague and her MA in Internal Communication studies at Kingston University London, but spent the last 20 years in Berlin.

As a passionate photographer, she loves exploring urban landscapes and stories, some featured in galleries in Berlin and Wernigerode. From 2016 to 2017 prepared short features for NPR Berlin’s “Life in Berlin” series about craft beer events in Berlin, her other passion.

Hugh Eckermann

Hugh came to Berlin 30 years ago, directly after majoring in Radio, Television and Film studies at the University of Maryland. After working at East Carolina University and University of Maryland radio stations developing and presenting regular music shows, he devoted his first years in Berlin to create alternative film and multimedia installations.

Hugh is fascinated by the craft beer scene in Berlin, which he has been following since 2014. He co-worked on the craft beer events short features for NPR Berlin’s “Life in Berlin” series.

Meghan Friedmann

Meghan Friedmann received her B.A. in English from Brown University last year. In addition to having work published in the Providence Journal during her undergraduate studies, she was also involved in student journalism. In September of 2017, she moved to Berlin on a DAAD research grant, aiming to investigate migrant narrative in Germany. As part of her work, she writes Berlin-based stories exploring the themes of migration and integration. She is excited to have some of her work published in KCRW’s new section, “Omnified.” In September she will return to the U.S. to pursue a career in journalism.

John Kornblum

John Kornblum is an American diplomat and businessman. He entered the American Foreign Service in 1964. Over the next thirty-five years, he served in Europe and at the State Department in Washington. Since 2001, he has established himself as an investment banker and international business consultant. He lives in Berlin.

Anja Samy

Anja Samy is a student, writer and radio lover with a penchant for unusual facts and stories. She spent three months working as a volunteer at KCRW Berlin and is proud to have played a role in the conceptualization of the Omnified community page during this time.

Jacob Sweetman

Jacob Sweetman is a sports writer, musician, 10-year Berliner and lifelong football fan. The author of “Dilshan: The Man Behind The Scoop” about the Sri Lankan cricket legend, he’s currently working on a book about football in Berlin.

Jennifer Warburg

Jennifer Warburg is an urbanist and policy expert, with seven years experience advising California cities on transportation and sustainability.