Frequently Asked Questions




Does KCRW Berlin receive GEZ funding?

No. We are financed solely by donations from listeners and sponsors.

Are donations to KCRW Berlin tax-deductible?

If you donate 200 Euros or more in Germany, your contribution is tax-deductible.

If I donate to KCRW, does KCRW Berlin benefit? What about NPR?

To support KCRW Berlin, donations must be made to KCRW Berlin directly.

KCRW and KCRW Berlin are partner stations that operate and fundraise independently.

Does KCRW Berlin receive KCRW funding?

No. KCRW Berlin is owned and operated in Germany.

Can I donate from outside Germany/in a different currency?

Yes – we process donations with Stripe and PayPal, which allow us to receive donations in many currencies including Euros, US Dollars, and more. (Please be aware that we can only issue donation receipts for contributions made in Germany over 200 Euros).




Do you sell advertising? I hear messages about corporations or foundations sometimes during the shows that KCRW Berlin airs.

As a non-commercial station, KCRW Berlin cannot accept advertising, as such. However, we offer a form of promotional message known as “underwriting.”


Pitching shows or stories


How can I get my local event covered by KCRW Berlin?

You can pitch a story to our editorial team by writing to pitch.us@kcrwberlin.org.

How can I pitch a show idea?

Calls for shows, hosts or other editorial contributions will be posted on our Careers & Volunteers page. Please note that we cannot respond to all unsolicited pitches.




Why is my signal sometimes weak?

Radio frequency signals can weaken in some buildings or geographical areas. Try tuning in on kcrwberlin.com, on digital radios with our streaming URL, over radio.de, or on TuneIn.




Is KCRW Berlin an NPR Station?

KCRW Berlin is a german owned and operated station that carries NPR, KCRW and other US public radio programming in addition to local berlin content.




How can I find a song I heard on KCRW Berlin?

Visit Eclectic 24’s playlist to track down a song you loved.




Are you owned and operated by KCRW?

We are a partner station to KCRW, and are independently owned and operated.

What does KCRW stand for?

The name of our partner station, KCRW, is a “callsign.” Radio station callsigns in the US start with a letter determined by their location: W in the east and K in the west. CRW stands for “college radio workshop,” which stems from KCRW’s founding in 1945 as the college radio station for Santa Monica College.

Why do we air some Los Angeles-specific content in Berlin?

We carry programs from a number of NPR and public radio stations in the US. Our partner station, KCRW, is based in Los Angeles, and because we carry their programming you might occasionally hear very specific references in shows to, for example, a local restaurant in Los Angeles.


If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.