(Please continue to check back here for additional players on which you can find our stream.)

Several of our shows are also available as podcasts on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn Radio and Spotify. Search for:

  • KCRW Berlin: Amplified
  • KCRW Berlin: Common Ground
  • The Bear on KCRW Berlin
  • Studio Berlin





Do you have a question or feedback? Email us at

Do you have a story idea? Then, send us an email at  Please include the relevant information, your contact details, and make it as timely as you can and if someone in our editorial team is interested they will contact you directly.

Do you have a music submission?  If you are interested in submitting music, please note that we don’t have a general playlist, but if one of our shows seems like it would fit your musical style you can contact them.

Firstly, read through our show list and see if your style fits with their individual playlists.  Mexican Radio Radio and Brave New Rave have details on how to get in touch on their web pages. Unfortunately Henry Rollins doesn’t accept unsolicited submissions right now.

If you think your track is suitable for The Fink+Forty Show or Amplified you can email us at – but if you just send a track with no information or preference for a show we will delete it, because, although we’d love to, we don’t have time to listen to everything that comes in. So send again, but specify why your music is a fit, send some info and links and it’s more likely to get to the right person.

For Amplified we tend to favor artists with local ties or touring artists who are playing in Berlin.