Video: Anke Trojan & Ria Hylton

Our Mission

KCRW Berlin is an English language, community, noncommercial radio station broadcasting locally produced content reflecting the spirit of Berlin, combined with a unique mix of music discovery, NPR news, cultural exploration and informed public affairs.

Our Purpose 

KCRW Berlin builds cultural and international understanding by providing a platform for exchange, especially between Germany and the United States, and the Sister Cities of Berlin and Los Angeles. KCRW Berlin serves to further international tolerance, the arts and culture.

KCRW Berlin Executive Board

Karen Roth Co-Founder
Marie Warburg Co-Founder
John Kornblum Co-Founder
Antje Kuchenbecker Geschäftsführer

Founding Benefactors

KCRW Berlin is grateful for the support of our Founding Benefactors. Their generosity and partnership provides critical support for our programming and operations and make U.S. public radio in Berlin possible.

The Roth Family
Noerr LLP

Partnerships & Cooperations

In addition to our public radio partners, KCRW Berlin frequently collaborates with community-based organizations fostering promoting intercultural exchange between Germany and the United States.


Event Partners


Institutional Partners

Media Partners



Programming Partners