Henry Rollins’ Radio Show: Broadcast October 30, 2020

Join Henry Rollins for two hours of musical discovery. Keep the music playing and STAY FANATIC!!!

Photo by Ross Haftin

Hosted and curated by Henry Rollins

Musician, actor, television and radio host Henry Rollins brings his alternative rock show to KCRW Berlin.

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Playlist October 30, 2020
The Misfits Halloween Box set
The Penetrators Teenage Lifestyle Basement Anthology 1976-84
David Bowie Breaking Glass Low
Deerhoof Canopnr 74 Surprise Symphonies
Iggy Pop Sixteen Lust For Life
The Adverts The Adverts Cast Of Thousands
Fuzz Nothing People III
L.A. Machina Go! Welcome To The Machina 7”
Dion Lunadon Speed Schreien EP
The Cramps Weekend On Mars Coast To Coast
Joy Division Insight BBC Recordings
The Sods Pathetic Minutes To Go
Deerhoof Sunny 44s Surprise Symphonies
Molly Nilsson Not Today Satan Imaginations
Primo Future Amici
Guerilla Toss Meteorological Twisted Crystal
Ruts DC Kill The Pain Music Must Destroy
Le Butcherettes Stab My Back A Raw Youth
Scott Walker Phrasing Bish Bosch
It’s Lucifer! Lucifer Lucifer
Frankie Ford Sea Cruise Loud Fast & Out Of Control
The Valves Ain’t No Surf In Portabello 7”
The Fall In These Times The Frenz Experiment
Pseudo Existors Beyond The Zone Stamp Out Normality
Kas Product Malena Try Out (CD extra track)
Die Cheerleader Pigskin Parade Son Of Filth
Holland Beep, Kiss Coughing Up Stars
The Warmers Walking Solves It The Warmers
Prince Jammy Jammy’s No Fool Fat Man Presents
Nico The Sphinx The Drama Of Exile
Cluster Caramel Zuckerzeit
Ween The Mollusk The Mollusk
Lower Plenty Strange Beast Hard Rubbish
The Lurkers Cyanide God’s Lonely Men
The Sonics Strychnine Nuggets
UK Subs She’s Not There She’s Not There EP
The Damned Smash It Up Parts 1 & 2 Machine Gun Etiquette