In Brief: Neukölln officials seek suggestions for street currently named after military officer accused of brutality in Africa

Officials are looking for suggestions that will honor a person who made special contributions to the district.

By Sylvia Cunningham and William Glucroft

Over the next several weeks, residents living in Neukölln will be able to take part in renaming a street in their district.

Wissmannstraße is named for a military officer who Neukölln officials say used violence and brutality in the late 1800s to colonize what was then known as “East Africa.”

The Neukölln officials, who set the process into motion last August, said they’re looking for a new street name that will honor a person who made special contributions to the district or who stood up against racism and colonization.


A study finds Berlin is Germany’s fourth most expensive real estate market.

The price of buying a home in the German capital jumped by nearly 10% in 2019 compared to a year earlier, according to data compiled by the German bank, Postbank.

Nationwide, prices jumped an average of 9.3%, a faster rise than the previous year.

Prices in Munich climbed at a slower rate, but overall has Germany’s most expensive property. At just over 8,000 euros per square meter, the Bavarian capital’s average price is nearly twice that of Berlin’s.

The daily Tagesspiegel reports existing buildings in Berlin cost on average about fifteen hundred euros less per square meter than brand new ones.

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