In Brief: Large event ban lifted in Berlin-Brandenburg for drive-in movie theaters

Plus Berlin’s open air Waldbühne venue to reopen in September.

Photo by: Corina Rainer, Unsplash


By Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson and Monika Müller-Kroll

The Higher Administrative Court of Berlin-Brandenburg has overturned a ban on large events, at least for drive-in movie theaters. 

The ban on 1,000 or more people at a single event is part of the coronavirus rules imposed by the two states.

But the judges, in a rush decision issued Tuesday night, said drive-in movie theaters should be exempted because moviegoers arrive by car and stay in them during the performance.

The suit was filed by drive-in operators at Schoenefeld Airport.

Check here for up-to-date information regarding the management of COVID-19 in Berlin.


There’s good news for music fans – Berlin’s open air venue, Waldbühne, will re-open in September.

Between eight and 10 concerts are being planned for the amphitheater, with the audience required to follow pandemic-related hygiene rules.

According to the organizers, only 5,000 of the more-than-22,000 available seats will be filled, in order to keep patrons two meters, or roughly six feet, apart.


One in five children in Germany are growing up in poverty and even more so in Berlin, says a new report from the Bertelsmann Foundation. And COVID-19 is making the situation worse.

Children who are poor often have parents who only work part-time jobs and they are more likely to experience job and income loss during the pandemic.

Homeschooling also puts poor children at a disadvantage, because they often don’t have computers or internet at home.

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