Henry Rollins’ Radio Show: Broadcast June 26, 2020

Join Henry Rollins for two hours of musical discovery. Keep the music playing and STAY FANATIC!!!

Photo by Ross Haftin


Hosted and curated by Henry Rollins

Musician, actor, television and radio host Henry Rollins brings his alternative rock show to KCRW Berlin.

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Playlist June 26, 2020

Richard Rose Controlled Zone Richard Rose
David Bowie Bombers
Hunky Dory CD extra track
Tim Presley’s White Fence Neighborhood Light
I Have To Feed Larry’s Hawk
The UV Race Fairly Free Made in China
The Scientists I’m Taking It With Me gH2OSi02
The Saints (I’m) Misunderstood Eternally Yours
CFM Sequence
Soundtrack for an Empty Room
Iggy Pop I’m Bored New Values
Hanoi Rocks Back to Mystery City
All Those Wasted Years – Live at the Marquee
Wolfmanhattan Project Last Train to Babylon
Wolfmanhattan Project
The Minutemen Fascist Paranoid Time
The Mad Daddy Immaculate Conception Record Hop
Wavy Gravy! Atom Smashin’ Zoomeratin’ Mello Jello Radio Broadcasts 1958-64
The Cramps Mad Daddy
1979 February Demo
Tex Rubinowitz Rock & Roll Ivy
It’s Rare Doo Wop Vol 6
Le Butcherettes BREATH bi/MENTAL
King Tubby Zion Gate Dub
Loving Memory Dub
The Jesus & Mary Chain SIlverblade
The Power of Negative Thinking
The Make-Up Under the Impression I Want Some
School Damage All Gone A to X
Miles Davis Nuit Sur Les Champs-Elysees (Take 1)
Ascenseur Pour L’echafaud
FACS Antibody Lifelike
Linda Guilala Será Más Fácil 7″
Lee Perry & The Upsetters Kojak Dub-Triptych
Lithics Victim’s Jacket Tower of Age
Priests Good Time Charlie
The Seduction of Kansas
Kamala and the Karnivores Tiny Steps
Typical Girls Vol 05
Unrest Laughter
Lisa Carol Freemont
Molly Nilsson About Somebody 7″
Mark Robinson Almond Dainties
Origami and Urbanism
Tuscadero Cathy Ray
My Way or the Highway
The Cool Greenhouse Gum
The Cool Greenhouse
Trupa Trupa Fitycarraldo I’ll Find
Pere Ubu Caligari’s Mirror
By Order of Mayor Pawlicki
Coriky Too Many Husbands Coriky
Wire Being Sucked in Again Chairs Missing
The Beauty Pill Cigarette Girl from the Future
Cigarette Girl from the Future
Melenas Los Alemanes Dias Raros
Lydia Kavina Suite from “Ed Wood”: VI Spellbound!