In Brief: Ryanair plans to resume 40% of flights starting July 1, with new rules for passengers

The budget airline says it’s resuming about 1,000 flights daily covering 90% of the routes, including to and from Berlin.

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite from Pexels

By Sylvia Cunningham, Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson and Benjamin Restle

Germany’s disease prevention authority says the COVID-19 transmission rate is hovering around 1, meaning that one infected person is passing the virus on to only one person.

That’s the magic number health experts say we have to be careful not to exceed to prevent overwhelming hospitals.

Robert Koch Institute Vice President Dr. Lars Schaade told reporters on Monday that it appears the decline in the number of cases in Germany is flattening out.

The news came with an often-repeated warning from the institute.

“The virus is still in Germany,” Dr. Schaade said. “The virus has not gone away.”

He urged people to stay at home whenever possible, practice social distancing out in public, and wear masks on public transport and in stores.


Ryanair says it plans to resume some of its regular flights on July 1, but with a caveat for passengers.

The budget airline says it’s resuming 40% of its regular flights, which translates to about 1,000 flights daily covering 90% of the routes, including to and from Berlin.

But there is one, new, pandemic-related requirement for passengers: They will have to wear masks on board.

So will the crew, who will only sell pre-packaged snacks and drinks that can only be purchased with credit-or-bank cards.

Need to go to the bathroom? Ryanair says you will have to get a flight attendant’s permission, as lines to the toilet will no longer be allowed.

The airline has posted a video on social media about the new health measures.


Regularly scrubbing your hands with soap and water is an effective way to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. But with that, there’s a small downside.
Dermatologists warn that washing your hands several times a day with soap can harm the top-most, protective layer of the skin, drying it out and causing some irritation.

Doctors from Harvard Medical School therefore recommend applying moisturizer after washing to repair dry skin.
Dermatologists, meanwhile, advise anyone who develops serious skin problems to see a specialist.

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