Henry Rollins’ Radio Show: Broadcast May 15, 2020

Join Henry Rollins for two hours of musical discovery. Keep the music playing and STAY FANATIC!!!

Photo by Ross Haftin


Hosted and curated by Henry Rollins

Musician, actor, television and radio host Henry Rollins brings his alternative rock show to KCRW Berlin.

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Playlist May 15, 2020 

Radio Pyongyang Commie Funk?
Radio Pyongyang
The Stooges T.V. Eye Fun House
Olympic Death Squad Sometimes I Can Breathe Blue
The Fontaine Toups TFT TFT
The Valves Tarzan of the King’s Road Single
The Sods R.A.F. Minutes To Go
Exhaustion Don’t Fly Right Future Eaters
Rebel Yell Never Perfection
Mother of Millions
The Makers of The Dead Travel Fast The Dumbwaiters
Terrace Industry : M Squared 1980 – 83
Trin Tran Ro-Jo Dark Radar
Frank Zappa + Captain Beefheart Muffin Man Bongo Fury
David Bowie Queen Bitch Hunky Dory
Eno, Moebius & Roedelius Broken Head After The Heat
Silver Apples Oscillations Silver Apples
ZZ Top Heaven, Hell, or Houston El Loco
The Models Man of the Yer Single
Melenas No Puedo Pensar Dias Raros
The Meatbodies Valley Girl Single
The Make-Up I Am Pentagon Save Yourself
The Cramps Rocket in my Pocket Bootleg
The Damned Ballroom Blitz
Machine Gun Etiquette 25th Anniversary
Ty Segall Bullet Proof Nothing
Singles 2007 – 2010
J. Mascis Someday More Light
Boris Pink Pink
The Ramones Life is a Gas Adios Amigos
Blondie Hanging on the Telephone Single
Buzzocks No Reply
Another Music in a Different Kitchen
Black Sunday Torture Torture Tronic Blanc
Pere Ubu Nonalignment Pact
The Modern Dance
Drinks Pink or Die Hippo Lite
High Rise Turn you cry High Rise II
Traditional Fools Party at my House
Traditional Fools
Ashtray Navigations Cask Materia Bridge
It was the Start of Another Strange Week