Collaboration in the time of the coronavirus: Record label Ransom Note supports artists by making them ‘Pen Pals’

With 15 tracks completed by 32 collaborating artists in just 10 days, the “Pen Pals” compilation album by record label Ransom Note is a novel way to raise money for musicians at a trying time. We caught up with Rosie Cain to find out more.

Photo (c) Gareth Varty


With concerts and festivals canceled, artists are struggling to make ends meet.

London-based label Ransom Note came up with a novel idea to generate some much needed cash for music makers. They invited a number of artists — among them, KCRW Berlin’s Moderna — to contribute to a compilation album by collaborating remotely on original tracks in just 10 days. The completed album, “Pen Pals,” went on sale on April 24 and features 15 tracks by 32 artists. The proceeds go to supporting the artists and the label.

We got in touch with Ransom Note’s Rosie Cain to find out about the unusual project and how collaborating remotely affects the creative process.
“Pen Pals” is available to buy online.

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