Wednesday 3 p.m. ‘Plush’ by Jocko Weyland

Introducing Wednesday 3 p.m. This week's offering is "Plush" by Jocko Weyland.

Picture by Jonathan Kroll

Wednesday 3 p.m. is a series of short stories — observations, brief memories, scenes from a life — recorded by writers in Berlin and around the world.

“Plush” by Jocko Weyland


“One time in Coney Island with some friends we all lined up to take the Cyclone…”

Jocko Weyland, born in Helsinki, Finland, 1967, is an artist and writer living in Mexico. He is the author of “The Answer is Never – A Skateboarder’s History of the World,” published by Grove Press in 2002. Weyland’s story “Plush” is from his collection “Eating Glass,” published by 1980 Editions in Paris in 2016.

This story originally aired on June 26, 2019.


Illustration by Jonathan Kroll

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