In Brief: Closed to visitors – Dome of the German Parliament off limits amid coronavirus fears

The closure came on the same day that officials confirmed multiple cases in the last German state that had been free of the virus.

Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

 By Nikki Motson, Sylvia Cunningham, and Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson

The German Parliament’s iconic dome is closed until further notice because of the coronavirus outbreak. The closure came on the same day that officials confirmed multiple cases in the last German state known to have been free of the virus.

On Tuesday, officials in Saxony-Anhalt said four men who were recently in South Tyrol or Northern Italy tested positive.

Three additional cases have also been confirmed in the region.

Lothar Weiler, who heads the Robert Koch Institute, is calling on communities and hospitals to immediately implement their crisis management plans. The institute is the German agency in charge of disease control and prevention.

According to the institute, four out of five people who contract the virus will experience mild symptoms.


Germany says in order to meet its climate goals, it must invest more in renewables. Currently, less than 1% of Berlin’s electricity comes from solar, but the city senate has drafted a new plan to change that.

Energy experts say there’s enough sunshine in Berlin to provide a quarter of the city’s electricity by 2050. To help make that happen, Berlin lawmakers have adopted a “master plan” to speed up the expansion of solar power in the city.

The focus now is on starting an information campaign about the benefits of solar power and ultimately making it easier and financially more desirable for people to install panels on their homes and businesses.

In a statement yesterday, Berlin Economics Senator Ramona Pop called on the federal government to improve the legal framework, and bolster solar energy in German cities.


German rapper Fler has been released after his arrest over an alleged assault and robbery stemming from his clash with a TV crew earlier this month.

The prosecutor tweeted that officers on Tuesday arrested the rapper called Fler, who was born Patrick Losensky.

The investigating judge later released Losensky, citing doubts regarding the urgency of the case. The tweet also states the public prosecutor is considering filing a complaint.

His arrest warrant stemmed from an alleged attack on an RTL television crew in early March.

The private German network said the alleged assault occurred on Kufürstendamm when its reporter tried to interview Fler.

RTL said its reporter had asked him to comment about a fight he was having with a women’s rights activist on Twitter and Instagram.

The rapper later Tweeted about the alleged assault, taunting the female reporter and alluding to the attack on the cameraman.

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