Brave New Rave: Broadcast March 12, 2020

Catch up with Moderna's weekly show, exploring Berlin’s influence on techno, dark disco, and left field culture

Hosted and curated by Moderna

Exploring Berlin’s influence on techno, dark disco, and left field culture

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Brave New Rave: Broadcast Mar 12, 2020
Synapse 01 Luizar
Defected Concret & Cantor
Eiffel Tower Sindrome Panorama Channel & Pietnev
Dark Days Nahuel
The Lifeguard Low Manuel
When We Talk Pantha du Prince
No Hype For The Fish Demian
Love Smack Dance Station
Black T-Shirt Julia Bondar
Holy Jet (Guerra Remix) Ricardo Ruben feat. M
Where have you been Victoria Lukas / Jauzas The Shining
Sewer Rat (Acid Junkies Remix) Younger Than Me
Let’s Go Dancing (Maya Jane Coles Rmx) Tiga VS Audion
Lost & found (RUR Remix) Dee Marbus
100 Michael Klein
Beastman Bushwacka!
Borderless Light Minded
Shinigao DVS NME

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About Moderna: Moderna first entered the electronic music scene at the age of seventeen with her noise band “The Static Cult.” She went on to become the founder of the groundbreaking music magazine RE:UP, as well as cultivator for indie label Ghostly International, and as an admired artist in her own right. Her most recent collaboration with Mexico-based producer Theus Mago has earned her substantial acclaim.  After releasing three EPs and several remixes, her wide-ranging discography is a testament to the international influences that she curates in her DJ sets. Residing in Berlin and touring worldwide, Moderna’s experience and knowledge connects listeners to the seductive Berlin underground in her cultivated show, “Brave New Rave.”


If you are interested in submitting tracks to Moderna for consideration on Brave New Rave, you can send an email with a download link. Please note, you can attach either google drive, dropbox or soundcloud links that have listening/download capability, but NOT wetransfer and NO files in an email.