In Brief: FDP politician to step down as minister president, says AfD played a ‘perfidious trick’ in shock election

Just one day after FDP politician Thomas Kemmerich was elected as minister president of Thuringia, he announced he was stepping down, saying the AfD played a “perfidious trick” in the election that shocked the nation.

Photo © Volker Hielscher


FDP politician Thomas Kemmerich announced he would step down as minister president of Thuringia, just one day after he was narrowly elected with the support of the CDU and far-right AfD in a move that shocked the country.

The pro-business leader called his own resignation “inevitable.”

“Nobody forced us. We have evaluated the events of the last 24 hours, reactions from the media and on social media, and also the situation in the state parliament,” Kemmerich said. “The AfD tried to damage democracy with a perfidious trick, we’re trying to avoid that.”

Earlier on Thursday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel weighed in from South Africa, where she’s taking part in talks on the economy, renewables and international cooperation.

“It was a bad day for democracy,” Merkel said. “It was a day that broke with the values and beliefs of the CDU.”

Prior to Kemmerich’s announcement on Thursday, FDP federal chairman Christian Lindner had traveled to Erfurt to discuss the situation. The FDP faction is now looking to dissolve Thuringia’s parliament and hold new elections.


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