The Mexican Radio Radio Show: Broadcast January 1, 2020 feat. John Dwyer from Thee Oh Sees

This week's show features an interview with John Dwyer from Thee Oh sees, plus the usual playlist of synth punk, post punk, Neue Deutsche Welle and new wave tunes.

Hosted by Berlin-based synth-punk band Mexican Radio

Hang out with Dyan Valdés and her bandmates Nathaniel Fregoso and Hannes Neupert in their basement rehearsal room and listen to high-energy tracks from synth punk, post punk, Neue Deutsche Welle and New Wave artists. Every episode features an on-scene interview with other innovative musicians. Check out their previous shows on Soundcloud. 


Playlist January 1, 2020 featuring interview with John Dwyer from Thee Oh Sees

Extinguish Me Coachwhips
Watching You Suffer Pozi
Pretty Mini Skirt
Fairytale in the Supermarket The Raincoats
Get in There Rough demo Tall Hands
Goo Pistol Disco
Copper Shellac
Carrion Crawler Thee Oh Sees
Submission Dumb
Never Coming Back
No Enemies OBN IIIs
Something to Do Vivian Girls
The Daily Heavy Thee Oh Sees
Greenpoint Gothic Deerhunter

About Mexican Radio:Mexican Radio is a synth punk three-piece with high-energy songs inspired by bands like Cabaret Voltaire, DAF and Stereo Total. The Mexican Radio Radio Show is their DIY tribute to the music they love. Recording on-the-scene guerrilla-style interviews with some of the most innovative and groundbreaking musicians on tour in Germany, punk rock correspondent Dyan always gets the interview.

Join her and her bandmates Nathaniel and Hannes as they present their hand-picked tracks to create a living document of the ever-evolving Berlin punk scene. After recording the show under the radar in their basement rehearsal room for a year, the show is now coming to KCRW Berlin. On the first Wednesday of each month, they invite you to join their gang and hang out in the basement as they joyfully push back against the banality of mainstream music.

“As a woman who loves loud heavy punk music, I wasn’t hearing enough of my own voice talking about it. So I basically have inserted myself into the conversation and dragged Nathaniel and Hannes with me along for the ride. The Mexican Radio Radio Show is a place where freaks and misfits like us can proudly wave their flags. We’re having fun, so should you!” –Dyan Valdés

If you are interested in contacting Mexican Radio to submit tracks or interview offers, drop them an email.

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