The Fink+Forty Show: Broadcast January 13, 2020

Who's Fin's newest band crush? How have you survived this far without adding apocalyptic soul to your listening schedule? These and other questions are answered by Fink+Forty, as they continue our weekly journey of musical discovery.

Hosted by Fin Greenall and Sven Fortmann

Examining Berlin’s impact as the world’s uncontested center of cool

Two of Berlin’s most informed tastemakers take us on a weekly journey soundtracked by what is rocking the hippest city on earth right now.


Show broadcast January 13, 2020

Posthumous Forgiveness Tame Impala
Born From Dawn Flores Silvestres
Rock And Roll Star Sorry
Red Rose Country
Othello Yussef Dayes
Flor Do Real Sessa
Void Algiers
Stare Into The Void
Post Everything Illuminati Hotties
Menschen Und Mauern Shed
Derriere Logic1000