Neighborhood initiative hands over signatures to Berlin Parliament, demanding changes to Kreuzberg’s Markthalle Neun

On Monday, the neighborhood initiative “Kiezmarkthalle” met with Raed Saleh, chairman of the Social Democrats in Berlin’s Parliament, to hand over 5,290 signatures and a list of demands related to the development of Markthalle Neun in Kreuzberg.

Photo by Emma Krupp



For almost a year now, a group of residents and local business owners in Kreuzberg have been protesting changes made to Markthalle Neun.

The group, “Kiezmartkhalle,” says the owners of the space have moved away from their original vision of being a “Halle für alle,” or “hall for everyone,” and has instead become an “exclusive” place for “people with a lot of money.”

Adding fuel to the fire was an announcement made by the owners of Markthalle Neun last summer: they said, in accordance with their original plan, they would end the market’s contract with the discount grocer Aldi, making way for a dm drugstore in the space instead.

On Monday, more than 5,200 signatures attached to a list of five demands from the group “Kiezmarkthalle” was handed over to Raed Saleh, chairman of the Social Democrats in Berlin’s Parliament.

Among the demands are that Aldi, or a similar discount grocery store, stay inside the Markthalle as an affordable food option for local residents.


The public prosecutor’s office in Berlin is demanding prison time of up to seven years for the men accused of stealing a huge gold coin from the Bode Museum in 2017.

One of the four men accused worked as a security guard at the museum.

Court spokeswoman Lisa Jani talked on Monday about evidence that led to the conviction of the men, all of whom have maintained their innocence.

Jani said that over the course of the hearing of evidence and investigation, gold particles were found, including on parts of articles of clothing. The public prosecutor’s office used this as evidence to convict the defendants.

The “Big Maple Leaf” coin, which was issued by the Royal Canadian Mint in 2007 and worth about 3.75 million euros, has not been recovered. Investigators believe the 100-kilogram coin was likely cut up and sold.

The verdict is expected in a month.

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