In Brief: Court rules Schönefeld Airport can remain open after BER is operational

A citizens' initiative seeking more public input and additional environmental impact studies related to the construction of BER airport has failed in court. The higher administrative court of Berlin-Brandenburg ruled on Thursday that Schönefeld Airport can remain open after BER is operational.

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The higher administrative court of Berlin-Brandenburg has dismissed a complaint from a citizens’ initiative, ruling that Schönefeld Airport can continue operating after Berlin’s new airport opens later this year.

The court’s decision allows for the construction of an additional terminal at the long-awaited BER airport and the continued operation of Schönefeld.

The citizens’ initiative, Bürgerverein Brandenburg-Berlin, is calling for more comprehensive environmental assessments and increased public input.

Berlin’s new BER airport was originally set to open in 2011. The airport is now scheduled to open in October 2020, though experts say without further expansion, it will already be too small to manage the number of passengers moving through Berlin.


The Berlin Senate is considering measures to better protect cyclists and pedestrians.

This month alone, two cyclists have been killed by turning vehicles. The Senate is looking to fund installation of technologies to help drivers detect people in their path, often referred to as Abbiegeassistenten.

The two accidents that killed cyclists this month involved a large truck and a BVG city bus.


Germany’s Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer has banned the militant right-wing extremist group “Combat 18.”

The neo-Nazi militia was founded in the U.K., and the 18 stands for the letters A and H, representing “Adolf Hitler”.

On Thursday, German police carried out raids in six federal states looking for evidence of support for the group.

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