In Brief: BER airport seeking 20,000 volunteers for test runs

Curious to see the BER up close before the airport’s grand opening? A total of 20,000 volunteers are needed to play the part of passenger, going through the motions of a typical day at the airport (apart from takeoff).

© Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH Günter Wicker



Berliners are being asked to take part in a series of test runs ahead of the grand opening of the long-awaited BER airport.

A total of 20,000 volunteers are needed to go through the motions of a passenger’s typical day at the airport, apart from takeoff.

The majority of the tests will take place from July through mid-October.

Interested participants can register online.


Berlin’s Grüne Woche closed out its 85th edition this weekend with a record participation of 1,810 exhibitors from 72 countries.

About 400,000 visitors attended the city’s Green Week, spending more than 52 million euros on food, drink and other goods.

Any leftovers meant good news for the non-profit Berliner Tafel. Over 11 tons of food, including bread, sausages, and fruit, were distributed to about 5,500 people in need.


Tristan the Tyrannosaurus Rex is going on a trip. The 66-million-year-old, 12-meter long dinosaur is heading to Copenhagen for the rest of 2020.

Originally unearthed in Montana, Tristan the T-Rex has been a fixture of the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin for the past four years.

Photo (c) Carola Radke, Museum für Naturkunde Berlin.

Approximately 25,000 visitors stopped by the museum this weekend to say goodbye to Tristan – at least for now. For visitors who missed seeing the dinosaur up close this time, there’s good news. He’ll return to the city in 2021.

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