In Brief: Chancellor Merkel awarded Henry A. Kissinger Prize for commitment to transatlantic alliance

Henry Kissinger, the award’s namesake, called Merkel a “steadfast” leader and thanked her for demonstrating “thoughtful, decent, and long term government.”



German Chancellor Angela Merkel received the Henry A. Kissinger Prize from the American Academy in Berlin on Tuesday in recognition of her contributions to the transatlantic relationship.

In her speech at the Charlottenburg Palace, she emphasized international collaboration and how, 75 years after the end of WWII, “we have to be careful that we do not destroy what we have so painstakingly built up,” namely all the multilateral institutions.

“We must look after them and care for them, because so far I am deeply convinced that we haven’t thought of anything better,” Merkel said, receiving applause.

The award’s namesake, Henry Kissinger, called Merkel a “steadfast” leader and thanked her for demonstrating “thoughtful, decent, and long term government.”

The American Academy in Berlin has been presenting the award to significant figures in international diplomacy since 2007.



Germany and Poland want to intensify their fight against the African swine fever.

In November several cases were reported in Poland, close to the German border.

The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture announced joint measures to contain the animal disease on the Polish side and prevent it from spreading to Germany. Among other things, a fence along the border is planned.

There are also discussions to drastically reduce the population of wild boar by hunting.




The non-profit Verbraucherzentrale Hamburg announced the results of a consumer survey on Tuesday, naming the pasta dish Mirácoli to have had the most deceptive packaging of 2019.

Over 43,000 votes were cast, and the pasta from the manufacturer Mars received a third of them. The reason? Mirácoli has been sold without hard cheese in the pack since last year, yet retailers are still selling the item at the same price.

In second place was the organic carrot juice from Hipp, which comes in a smaller bottle but at a higher price.


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