In Brief: Many of Berlin’s elementary school classrooms are overcrowded

Every third primary school exceeds the per class limit of students, placing more strain on educators. The Berlin Senate is to invest more than 5 billion euros to upgrade schools and construct new buildings.

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The Berliner Morgenpost reports that in Berlin, every third primary school exceeds the class size limit of 26 students.

The information was requested by Berlin SPD parliamentarian Sven Kohlmeier. He said, attracting the necessary teachers to Berlin schools is already difficult, and large class sizes could be an additional deterrent to hiring and maintaining quality staff.

Spandau and Treptow-Köpernick have the highest percentages of schools with overcrowded classrooms, at just over and just below 50% of the district’s total. Neukölln has the lowest rate, with 17% of classrooms with 26 or more students.

Berlin has plans to build more than 60 new schools in the coming years to manage the city’s growing population. Several hundred more schools are to be renovated or expanded.

Berlin’s Senate is investing around 5.5 billion euros in school upgrades and new construction through 2026.


The Berlin Senate is planning to set aside a portion of the 2020 budget for public proposals. Starting in the first quarter of next year, Berliners will be able to weigh in on how they would like to see funds spent.

The Berlin Senate Department for Finance will then examine the proposals to see whether they can be implemented.

How much money will be allocated to the public participatory budget hasn’t been announced.


The Berlin police department has published images of a man suspected of vandalizing the Memorial to Homosexuals Persecuted Under Nazism.

The monument in Tiergarten has been defaced seven times between June and September of this year. Police say they have reason to believe the same perpetrator is responsible for damaging the site.

According to police, a witness was able to photograph the man and provided police with the images. The Berlin State Criminal Police Office is conducting the investigation.

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