In Brief: Berlin court fines gynecologist for improper ‘advertising’ of services under Germany’s amended abortion law

The conviction of Berlin gynecologist Dr. Bettina Gaber comes after part of Germany’s law on abortion was altered in February.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Berlin’s highest court has confirmed the conviction of a gynecologist for improper “advertising” of abortion services.

Dr. Bettina Gaber must now pay a fine of 2,000 euros for stating on her practice’s website that “a medicinal, anesthesia-free abortion in a protected atmosphere is also one of our services.”

This conviction comes after part of Germany’s law on abortion was altered in February. The revised paragraph 219a says doctors can state that they perform abortions but provide no further information. Instead they can direct patients to resources maintained by the German Medical Association.

Hence the court says the language on Gaber’s website provided more information than is allowed by the updated law.


A ground-breaking ceremony on Tuesday marked the official start of construction for a new art museum in Berlin. The Museum der Moderne is being constructed next to the Berliner Philharmonie concert hall near Potsdamer Platz.

The museum will cost 450 million euros, more than twice as much as originally planned, and is scheduled to open in the year 2026.


The European consumer organization Foodwatch awarded its annual “Goldener Windbeutel” or “Golden Cream Puff” prize on Tuesday.

The “award” is voted on by consumers and goes to a product deemed to have the most deceptive marketing or food label of that year.

Photo © foodwatch/picture alliance/Udo Fischer

This year, the manufacturer Zwergenwiese took first place with its tomato sauce for kids. Foodwatch says the product is marketed to children but contains more than twice the amount of sugar than the adult version does.

A manager for Zwergenwiese has announced the company will be reevaluating the recipe.


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