‘Depressive in a good way’: DJ and producer Shed on his new album, revisiting his first home in East Germany

DJ and producer Shed, aka René Pawlowitz, just released his fifth studio album on Ostgut Ton. "Oderbruch" is an ode to the region his family's from in East Germany. He joined us in the studio to talk about the music, as well as his first experience in Berlin as the techno scene was igniting.

Photo (c) Birgit Kaulfuss, 2019


We met up with DJ and producer Shed, aka René Pawlowitz, following the November 29 release of his fifth studio album “Oderbruch” on Berghain’s label Ostgut Ton.

Pawlowitz opens up about the inspiration for the album, which centers around memories from the region his family’s from in East Germany. He talks about how the area has changed and doesn’t hide the sense of nostalgia that emerges: “It’s a mixture of being sad but also happy. It’s depressive in a good way,” he says.

He’ll present the album at Berghain on December 8 in a special live performance at Säule.


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