Thousands of farmers demonstrate in Berlin to have more say in Germany’s agricultural policies

"The people living on the land, cultivating the land - we are the ones that the politicians should talk to and we together should find solutions," said Malte Voigts, a farmer from Kremmen who attended the protest in Berlin on Tuesday.

Photo by Colin Shea

By Colin Shea

On Tuesday, for the second time in only five weeks, Berlin was flooded with farmers from throughout Germany who came to the capital city to protest the federal government’s new agricultural package.

The demonstrations stem from the Land schafft Verbindung movement, a coalition of more than 30,000 German farmers that sprouted in protest as soon as the regulations were announced.

We spoke with Christoph Plass, co-organizer of the demonstration, and Malte Voigts, a farmer from Kremmen to find out what they think about Germany’s proposed regulations. We also hear from Federal Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner who spent nearly two hours addressing demonstrators at Tuesday’s protest.