‘The Big Pond’ broadcast November 5, 2019: Legacies of the Berlin Wall

In honor of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, producers Monika Müller-Kroll, Sylvia Cunningham, and Nikki Motson speak with influential Berlin artists who helped build the city's legacy.

Photo courtesy of Martin Reiter, Kunsthaus Tacheles Archive

To mark Deutschlandjahr, Goethe-Institut Washington has partnered with KCRW Berlin, among other radio producers and broadcasters from the US and Germany, to bring you “The Big Pond.”

“The Big Pond” is a series of podcasts spanning topics such as music, sports, history, and more – bridging the gap across the Atlantic and underscoring what the two countries share. We are highlighting selected episodes of “The Big Pond,” airing one every Tuesday at 21:00, through November.

The Big Pond #48: Legacies of the Berlin Wall

Produced by KCRW Berlin

Photo courtesy of Martin Reiter, Kunsthaus Tacheles Archive

“It was chaos, it was total chaos.” When the Berlin Wall unexpectedly fell in 1989, it triggered a time of massive flux for the newly reunited capital of Germany. Subcultures and international trends combined with other creative forces to establish Berlin as a mecca for artists. For The Big Pond, producers Monika Müller-KrollSylvia Cunningham, and Nikki Motson speak to Berliners who helped build the city’s lasting legacy.

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