In Brief: Son of a former German president stabbed to death in Berlin

Fritz von Weizsäcker, the son of former German president, Richard von Weizsäcker, was stabbed to death in a Charlottenburg hospital during a public medical lecture.

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The son of a former German president has been stabbed to death in Berlin.

A 57-year-old man attacked physician Fritz von Weizsäcker at the Schlosspark-Klinik hospital in Charlottenburg, fatally stabbing him. Von Weizäcker had been a department head of internal medicine at the hospital since 2005. He was delivering a medical lecture to a small crowd at the hospital when he was attacked by someone in the audience.

Several members of the crowd were able to restrain and apprehend the attacker, including a policeman, who was also injured during the scuffle.

Fritz von Weizsäcker is one of four children of the late CDU politician Richard von Weizsäcker, who was the governing mayor of Berlin from 1981-1984, and served as Germany’s President from 1984-1994.


Dietmar Woidke was re-elected state premier of Brandenburg on Wednesday.

The SPD politician received 47 votes, 37 parliamentarians voted against him and three abstained.

58-year-old Woidke has been head of government in Brandenburg for six years now.

As of Tuesday, Brandenburg began operating under a new coalition formed between the SPD, CDU and Green Party, also called a “Kenya Coalition,” a nickname corresponding with the country’s flag and the parties’ colors.


The electric company Vattenfall is warning customers of scam letters circulating in Berlin.

An alleged debt collection company is sending out false demands for payment to Berlin electricity customers.

Vattenfall says fraudulent mail is being sent from “Aleksander & CO KG” and any demands for payment should be ignored.


Hundreds of Berlin students gathered for a climate conference at the Zeiss-Großplanetarium on Wednesday, hosted by the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family.

One goal of the conference is to give students the opportunity to provide more input towards the development of teaching materials on environmental issues.

Berlin’s Education Senator Sandra Scheeres said she wants the conference to take place annually.


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