In Brief: Frustrated German farmers stage mass demo in Berlin

Farmers from all over Germany traveled to Berlin on Tuesday to protest the German government's proposed agricultural policy. Many drove tractors, clogging roads from the early morning hours until evening.

Photo by Scott Landers on Unsplash



Farmers from all over Germany staged a demonstration in Berlin on Tuesday to protest the German government’s proposed agricultural policy. The farmers are opposed to stricter regulation of fertilizers and other measures designed to protect insects and the environment.

In an interview with German broadcaster ARD, Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture Julia Klöckner said the decline in insect populations is a fact that needs to be addressed.

But farmers say the government’s proposed measures go too far. The say family farms will be particularly hurt by the new regulations which they say could reduce their yields while increasing their costs. They also say competition from large international corporations and imports from abroad threaten their existence.


On Tuesday, police in Saxony released new information regarding the theft of jewelry from Dresden’s historic Green Vault. The robbery took place in the early hours of Monday morning. Police published a video of the break in as well as images of some of the jewelry believed to be stolen by the thieves.

German investigators also located the likely getaway car. Police say a car was found torched in an underground parking garage that appears to be connected to the crime. According to Saxony police spokesman Thomas Geithner, burglary tools were found in the severely damaged car.


Germany’s Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz defended his draft budget for the coming year against criticism.

During the budget debate in the Bundestag, Scholz said that tax relief is on the way for many residents of Germany. The new budget also includes greater investments in education, childcare, and environmental protection. But members of the FDP, Green and Left party criticized the draft, saying the funds will not be enough to drive economic development or meet climate goals.

The federal government’s draft budget provides for expenditures of more than 360 billion euros. For the seventh time in a row, the budget plans no new debt for the coming year.


The BVG now has its own fleet of tow trucks to deal with vehicles standing in the way of Berlin’s public transportation services. Drivers could be fined hundreds of euros if their vehicle is towed.

Last year the BVG registered more than 10,000 illegally parked vehicles on bus lanes and at bus stops. The changes are part of Berlin’s mobility law.

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