In Brief: Berlin’s governing coalition criticized by opposition for proposed rent control legislation

Berlin’s House of Representatives will likely vote on the rent control measures at the start of 2020.

Photo by Mollie Lemm



On Thursday in Berlin’s House of Representatives, Berlin’s governing coalition of Social Democrats, the Greens, and the Left party came under attack for the planned Mietendeckel, or rent control legislation.

During the debate, CDU parliamentarian Christian Gräff accused the Red-Red-Green Senate of not looking out for the interests of the city.

“It’s about keeping private investors away from Berlin,” Gräff said. “They don’t want money in the city. They don’t want people moving in. They don’t want private investments. They want to gut and expropriate. That is what this is all about!”

In response, Berlin’s Governing Mayor Michael Müller defended the Senate’s proposal and said tenants must be protected.

“An apartment is not the same kind of investment as a block of shares or gold coins. The difference is that people actually live in apartments,” Müller said. “And that is why it is a social good and that is why it needs to be regulated. That is what it is all about.”

Berlin’s House of Representatives will likely vote on the rent control measures at the start of next year.


Tens of thousands of Fridays for Future demonstrators are gathering today in Berlin for a global climate strike. The protest comes just days ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference, which kicks off in Madrid on Monday, December 2.

Earlier this week, Berlin’s Traffic Information Center said they are expecting 50,000 participants and warned of increased traffic and road closures.

On their website, Fridays for Future organizers call for a #NeustartKlima and say they will be “loud, angry, and inconvenient” in their pursuit of climate justice. They say they’ll be taking the protest to the offices of political parties, shopping malls, and public squares.

There will also be some star power at today’s march. The band Seeed is scheduled to attend.

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