In Brief: Berlin’s Council of District Mayors say administrative work tied to drafted rent control law should be Senate’s responsibility

Not all 12 of Berlin’s district mayors are on board with taking on the administrative end in the Berlin Senate’s planned “Mietendeckel” (rent control) legislation.

Photo by Jan Gottweiss on Unsplash



In Berlin on Thursday, the Council of District Mayors met to discuss the “Mietendeckel” or rent control legislation drafted by the Red-Red-Green Senate.

In the latest version of the law, the Berlin Senate tasks the 12 individual districts with enforcing rent caps and prohibiting landlords from exceeding certain rent limits.

But in what the Berliner Morgenpost reported was a “heated discussion,” many district mayors rejected that these kinds of tasks should be their responsibility.

In a narrow 7-5 to vote, a majority of mayors voted that it should be the Senate’s job to manage the administrative end.

The “Mietendeckel” legislation still must be passed by the House of Representatives.


Ahead of this weekend’s party conference, CDU leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer said she wants her party to focus on the issues people care about, not on whether or not she will one day be chancellor.

The Junge Union, the youth wing within the Christian Democrats, meanwhile has called for a discussion at the conference about who should be the candidate for chancellor.

In an interview with n-tv, Kramp-Karrenbauer listed off some of the issues she believed were important to voters.

“We have farmers who are worried about their livelihood,” said Kramp-Karrenbauer. “We have many workers, for example in the automotive industry, who are asking: what does digitization mean for me? What will happen next? When electric vehicles come, where will they be built?”

“All of this interests them,” she concluded. “But what they’re not interested in is who in the CDU will have what kind of position at some point in time.”

The CDU has seen disappointing results in regional elections over the past year and some surveys in recent weeks find support for Kramp-Karrenbauer has declined.

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