In Brief: Safety concerns force transportation office to reevaluate Oberbaumbrücke renovation

After a week of frustration and criticism along the newly renovated Oberbaumbrücke, safety concerns force the transportation office back to the drawing board.

Photo by Mihail Macri on Unsplash



The renovation of Berlin’s iconic Oberbaumbrücke completed last week has caused frustration for motorists and cyclists alike.

Der Tagesspiegel reports the traffic flow around the Oberbaum bridge is to be measured and adjusted again, including more protective measures for the bike path.

After construction wrapped last week, car traffic was reduced from two lanes to one widened lane in each direction. Many residents have complained it’s resulted in cars endangering cyclists by attempting to overtake others and entering the bike lane.

This video shows drivers still using the road as a two lane street, while frequently crossing over the striped safety zone:

Others say the tightened traffic flow has resulted in traffic jams on surrounding streets in Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg.


Germany’s economy minister, Peter Altmaier is in the hospital after suffering a fall and breaking his nose during a conference in Dortmund on Tuesday.

Altmeier tripped while exiting the stage where he spoke at the federal government’s Digital Summit.

In a tweet Altmaier said he thanks everyone for their good wishes, and apart from some bumps and bruises he is doing well.


Altmaier and his team spoke about the development of a planned high-security European data infrastructure, called Gaia-X. The goal of the network is to become a European competitor to U.S. based cloud services and data collectors like Google, Amazon and Microsoft.


The Christmas market in front of Charlottenburg Palace has received the green light after organizers updated their security plans.

Berlin’s Administrative Court recently decided that the market operator must provide revised security strategies and additional safety measures in order to proceed with this year’s market.

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