In Brief: Germany to overhaul its evaluation of nursing homes

The federal government has announced new quality controls for all care giving facilities in Germany. Officials hope to improve care and identify areas where changes are needed.

Photo by Steven HWG


Germany has adopted a new evaluation system for care facilities. Germany’s Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn has welcomed the new “Pflege-TÜV” evaluation process as a “giant step for more trust in the system.”

For nursing staff, the previous grading system required a lot of paperwork – and when the process was complete, almost all homes received a top score. But critics say that system didn’t provide an accurate rating of caregiving facilities.

Lawmakers say the new ratings will provide more meaningful evaluations for those in need of nursing care in the future.

Green Party politician Kordula Schulz-Asche says improving quality of care also requires better trained and skilled personnel, adding that Germany’s aging population cannot be sustained without hiring more trained caregivers from other countries. She also said that many qualified caregivers who come to work in Germany leave again because the conditions and equipment in facilities are not up to par with other countries.

The first results of the new testing system for nursing homes are to be published as early as next spring.


A strike by workers of the Postbank has closed many branches in Berlin and Brandenburg. The union Ver.di and the Postbank are fighting over higher salaries.

According to multiple media reports on Tuesday, the Postbank presented a total salary increase of 4.1% to be implemented over more than two years.

So far, Ver.di is demanding 7% more money per year.


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