In Brief: Climate activists start week of ‘civil disobedience’

Climate activists disrupted life in Berlin on Monday, the protests mark the beginning of a week of civil disobedience called out by Extinction Rebellion.

Photo by Cull & Nguyen on Unsplash



Protesters occupied the circle around the Victory Column and paralyzed traffic at Potsdamer Platz on Monday. The protesters, who are part of the group Extinction Rebellion, are calling for worldwide protests and say that Monday’s actions are just the beginning in a week of civil disobedience. They have set up a climate camp in front of the German Chancellery and are calling upon the German government to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2025.

In Berlin, police began to clear Monday’s blockade of climate activists in the early evening.


The difference between low and high earners in Germany has grown to a record level according to new study.

The Institute of Economics and Social Research of the Hans-Böckler-Stiftung finds that the tax policy of the last two decades has supported greater inequality in Germany. Wealthy households have benefited from the reduction of the top tax rate and the reform of inheritance tax, while poorer households are additionally burdened by higher indirect taxes. The Institute of Economics and Social Research is calling for higher taxes for top earners as well as an increase in the minimum wage and social welfare to avoid deeper divisions.


The Social Democratic Party (SPD) wants to raise the cost of parking permits in Berlin.

Following suggestions by the Greens and the Left party (Die Linke), the SPD in Berlin has thrown its support behind a higher fee for resident parking permits. According to the Berliner Morgenpost the SPD wants to triple the fee for resident parking from about 10 Euros to approx. 30 Euros per year.


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