In Brief: Berlin commemorates the 29th anniversary of German Unity Day

Photo by Luis Diego Hernández on Unsplash



Berlin commemorates the 29th anniversary of German Unity Day today. The first German Unity Day took place on October 3rd, 1990. Several activities are planned in Berlin to commemorate the day, including celebrations surrounding Brandenburg Gate.

One day ahead of German Unity Day, several citizens were honored for their roles in bridging divides and helping to shape the future. German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier gave the German Order of Merit to 25 individuals, including several former GDR civil rights activists, and individuals who made sure that the Monday demos were filmed in the West.

Steinmeier also awarded rock musician Udo Lindenberg and astronaut Alexander Gerst with honors for showing the courage to overcome boundaries and promote understanding.

The framework for the Gute-KiTa law in Berlin is complete. According to the agreement, Berlin will receive an additional 239 million euros from the federal government until the end of 2022. On Wednesday, Germany’s Family Minister Franziska Giffey, Berlin Mayor Michael Müller and Education Senator Sandra Scheeres signed the agreement.

With the Gute-KiTa law, the federal government is providing additional funds to German states to improve daycare for children.

Family Minister Giffey said because daycare costs are already covered in Berlin, the new federal funds should go directly to improving quality and investing in skilled workers, including salary increases.


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