In Brief: Authorities increase security near Jewish institutions in Berlin following Halle gun attack

Police are investigating potential anti-Semitism links after the gunman livestreamed a video of the attack. In it, he made anti-Semitic, xenophobic and misogynistic remarks.

Photo by Pavel Nekoranec


Security precautions in and around Jewish institutions are being stepped up in Berlin. The increased measures are in response to a gun attack near a synagogue in the city of Halle an der Saale, about a 2 hour drive south west of Berlin.

Shots were fired in the Saxony-Anhalt city in multiple locations around noon on Wednesday. Officials confirmed, at least 2 people died in the attack. Police detained a suspect but are looking for potential additional suspects who may have fled by car.

Halle was sealed off for hours. German federal prosecutors have taken over the investigation.


Germany’s federal government passed the new climate bill draft in the cabinet on Wednesday. Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze has again defended the controversial climate package.

Schulze said climate protection will only be successful if it doesn’t divide society and that more support will be needed so low income families are not overburdened by increased costs.

Over the next few years, fossil fuels such as heating oil, gasoline, and diesel are to become more expensive. Airplane ticket prices are expected to rise, while rail travel, on the other hand, is expected to become less expensive.

Incentives for more environmentally friendly actions are to be created and housing subsidies are expected to increase.

Critics and climate activists say the deal doesn’t go far enough to meet Germany’s climate goals.


All trips with Thomas Cook Germany through the end of the year have been cancelled. Originally, the company had only announced cancellation of trips through the end of this month. The company declared bankruptcy at the end of September.

In a statement, the company apologized for the disruption of services and said executives remain hopeful regarding plans to resume operations at the beginning of 2020.


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