In Brief: After months of rejections, Berlin AfD asks governing mayor for help finding a venue for party conference

Over the past months, the AfD in Berlin says they have been met with around 100 rejections.

Photo by Sven Przepiorka on Unsplash


The Berlin AfD (Alternative for Germany) is still looking for a suitable location for its party conference, planned for November 9. Over the past months, they say they’ve only been met with refusals and cancellations from institutions in both Berlin and Brandenburg.

Die Berliner Morgenpost reports that Berlin’s AfD party chair Georg Pazderski wrote a letter to governing mayor Michael Müller asking for his help finding a place.

In response to the letter, the senate chancellery said it was somewhat “absurd” that they would be responsible for providing spaces for parties’ events.


Daniel Günther, the state premier of Schleswig-Holstein, jumped to the defense of Chancellor Angela Merkel after she was criticized by another CDU politician, Friedrich Merz, for “lack of leadership.”

Merz’s remarks about the chancellor came after the CDU suffered a disappointing loss in Thurinigia’s regional elections, coming in third to the Left party and the AfD and losing a total of 13 seats.

On ZDF television, Günther said the critique of Merkel was “not helpful.” In response to the idea that Merkel should leave her position early, Günther said this is a “debate led by older men, who may not have achieved their career goals in their lives.”

He also said they should not carry their personal grievances into the politics of the CDU.

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