Wednesday 3 p.m. ‘Pavlov’s dog’ by Rhidian Thomas and ‘Silence’ by Mathilde Irrmann

Wednesday 3 p.m. is our new series of audio essays from around the world.

Illustration by Jonathan Kroll

Get ready for another surprise, a glimpse of someone else’s life. It’s Wednesday and this week we feature “Pavlov’s dog” by Rhidian Thomas and “Silence” by Mathilde Irrmann in our Wednesday 3 p.m. series.


“Pavlov’s Dog” by Rhidian Thomas and “Silence” by Mathilde Irrmann


Illustration by Jonathan Kroll


Mathilde Irrmann is a French actress, director and writer. Her first short film is titled “Piensa en me.” Mathilde is also studying art history at the Humboldt University Berlin.

Rhidian Thomas is a senior broadcast producer for BBC Wales. 


Wednesday 3 p.m. is produced by Monika Müller-Kroll.

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