In Brief: German forests are in crisis

Government officials are sounding the alarm after Germany’s forests suffer years of increased devastation

Photo by Andreas Kind

According to the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Germany’s forests are suffering massive damage.

Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner opened a national forest summit in Berlin on Wednesday, calling for a large-scale reforestation and preservation program.

According to estimates, at least 500 million euros are required for the effort. Klöckner said Germany’s forests make an important contribution to the nation’s climate protection and reducing carbon emissions.

The ministry released a report detailing forest degradation from years of drought, higher temperatures and bark beetle infestations.

More than 170 associations attended the summit to discuss how Germany’s forests can be better adapted to climate change.


If your internet fails at home, Germany’s consumer rights organization the Verbraucherzentrale says it’s up to your server provider to rectify the problem within one day.

The consumer group says if the repair takes longer, customers should be compensated.

According to a recent survey by the watchdog, every third internet user had problems with their connection in recent years.

In more than half of these cases, customers had problems that still hadn’t been solved after a month.


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