Futurium, a museum that looks toward the future, opens in Mitte

The Futurium is now officially open to the public. One question central to the new museum: How do we want to live in the future?

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A report commissioned by Education Senator Sandra Scheeres concluded Berlin’s Neutrality Law is constitutional.

The law prohibits Berlin teachers from wearing religious symbols such as headscarves, crosses or kippas.

The new report, compiled by a law professor named Wolfgang Bock, said the law neither violates Germany’s Basic Law nor EU law.

However, the Federal Labor Court still has to rule on the matter. The court case in question has to do with a lawsuit brought on by teachers who wear headscarves.


The Futurium, an interactive museum several years in the making, officially opened its doors on Thursday.

Exhibitions and forums will be centered around questions like: How do we want to live in the future and how should we live in the future? Visitors will be able to see 3D printers and robots in action through labs and workshops.

German astronaut Alexander Gerst paid a visit to the museum on its opening day. He told public broadcaster ZDF that a museum like this is important because it’s essential to not only look at the past but also towards the future.

“There must also be spaces where one can develop strategies for the future,” Gerst said. “Especially because you don’t know what’s coming next. So you have to think as broadly as possible and be prepared for what’s coming.”

Admission to the Futurium, located right near Berlin’s main train station, is free.


The Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) begins today in Berlin.

The 59th annual consumer tech trade show provides businesses the opportunity to present their latest products. The event attracted over 244,000 visitors in 2018.

This year it runs through September 11.

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