In Brief: Deutsche Umwelthilfe gives ‘award’ for most ‘absurd’ single-use plastic packaging

The Golden Vulture “award” shames manufacturers for what some consumers deem unnecessary plastic packaging. It was given to Nestlé Deutschland for its Vittel mineral water.

Photo (c) Deutsche Umwelthilfe



The German Bundestag discussed the country’s budget for 2020 on Tuesday.

From the outset, Finance Minister Olaf Scholz made it clear that he doesn’t want to rack up more debt.

Scholz outlined plans to increase family tax benefits, tax breaks for people with lower and middle income, and the possible abolition of the solidarity tax for 90 percent of people. He said all of these measures were to improve people’s economic well-being.

But there was criticism of the budget before the debate even began. Green parliamentary group leader Katrin Göring-Eckardt said there should be more money for climate protection, schools and low income housing.


On Tuesday, some Berlin commuters got a first taste of what their disrupted commute will look like for the next several weeks.

Until October 14, regional trains will not run between Zoologischer Garten and Berlin’s main train station due to construction work. S-Bahn trains will still run.

You can find more information on the altered schedule here.


Die Deutsche Umwelthilfe (Environmental Action Germany) has given out its first-ever “Golden Vulture” award.

The “award” shames manufacturers for what some consumers deem unnecessary plastic packaging and was given to Nestlé Deutschland for its mineral water Vittel. The water is sold in disposable plastic bottles and then packaged in shrink wrap. It’s also transported from France to Germany.

Deutsche Umwelthilfe wants to urge companies to reduce the amount of plastic waste they produce.

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