In Brief: Berlin’s Volkshochschule instructors are getting their first raise in two years

Berlin wants to hire more people to teach in the Volkshochschule system, and instructors are getting a raise to make the profession more attractive. Anyone with a high school diploma or equivalent is welcome to apply.

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Berlin’s Red-Red-Green coalition has given a raise to Berlin’s adult education instructors.

Now Volkshochschule teachers will receive 35 euros per teaching hour. It’s a per hour increase of nearly 8 euros, and the first raise in two years. Instructors who teach a particularly large number of classes will receive an additional pay increase of up to 44 euros per hour.

“This was a decision of the red-red-green coalition in Berlin. It was just written down in the coalition treaty, and it is called Good Work. The aim is to pay for good work, a good price,” said Martin Klesmann, a spokesperson with the Berlin Senate Department for Education, Youth, and Family Affairs.

Klesmann said there is a need for additional instructors in the Volkshochschule system because many people who taught German as a second language have become teachers within Berlin schools in recent years. Anyone with a high school diploma or equivalent and an area of specialized knowledge can apply to teach in the adult education system, he said.

The Berlin Senate has made about 4.2 million euros available annually for the pay increases.


According to a study by the DAK health insurance company, about one in five school-age children drink energy drinks regularly.

The DAK study said that nearly two thirds of 10- to 17-year-olds are often unable to fall asleep or sleep properly at night. Some of them also have problems concentrating or are overweight.

The DAK conducted the study in 13 German states in collaboration with the Institute for Therapy and Health Research, IFT-Nord. More than 14,000 girls and boys were interviewed.

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