In Brief: Berlin Senate encourages more employees to take paid educational leave

The Berlin Senate is spreading the word about the city's employees right to paid educational leave in a new campaign. This and more in your KCRW Berlin News Brief.

Photo by Christina Morillo on Pexels



The Berlin Senate wants to encourage more employees to take educational leave.

The Senate Department for Integration, Labour and Social Affairs launched a new campaign on Wednesday to inform workers about their legal right to paid advanced training.

Full-time employees are eligible to receive at least 10 days of educational leave within two years. Employees under the age of 25 can receive 10 days annually. According to the city’s department of labor, less than 1% of employees took advantage of paid further training in 2018.


The number of homeless people in Berlin appears to be on the rise.

Berlin’s Senator for Integration, Labor and Social Affairs, Elke Breitenbach, announced a plan on Tuesday to pin down a concrete number.

Around 400 teams will walk through the city and physically interview and count the number of people living out on the streets. The homeless count is set for the end of January.


The Berlin Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family is looking for volunteers to willingly go back to school, but this time as school inspectors.

The role entails evaluating lessons and other aspects of schools in Berlin. The department hopes to gain feedback that could help improve the quality of education.

Ideally applicants should not work in the education sector, so that they have as independent a view of the schools as possible. The voluntary program has been in place for the last 14 years.


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