KCRW Berlin Presents: Torstraßen Festival performers The Chap talk concept albums, midlife crises and political rock

Keith Duncan and Johannes von Weizsäcker from The Chap join us in the studio ahead of their performance at this year’s Torstraßen Festival, to talk about their recent series of concept albums, midlife crises, and how a long-distance songwriting partnership works.



We spoke with Keith Duncan and Johannes von Weizsäcker, two members of The Chap, ahead of their upcoming performance at the Torstraßen Festival.

The band, who has challenged themselves in recent years to release a series of concept albums which push them beyond their comfort zone, shares some thoughts on their tenure together.

The Chap will be playing Torstraßenfest at the Volksbühne on Sept. 7 in Berlin. Find out more on our web page.


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