KCRW Berlin Presents: Torstraßen Festival performer Tara Nome Doyle sings us a Norwegian lullaby

21-year-old Berlin singer-songwriter Tara Nome Doyle joins us in the studio to discuss her upcoming performance at the Torstraßen Festival. She also sings us a Norwegian lullaby.

Photo by Monika Müller-Kroll



We spoke with performer Tara Nome Doyle ahead of the Torstraßen Festival at the Volksbühne. The 21-year-old Berlin singer-songwriter walks us through her songwriting process and the first song she wrote at the age of 11, the musical impact of growing up in a Norwegian-Irish family, and her first EP, “Milk and Honey” which was released in 2018.

Stick around until the end to hear a special a capella performance of her version of the Norwegian folk song “Till Till Tara.”

Tara Nome Doyle will be playing Torstraßenfest at the Volksbühne on Sept. 7 in Berlin. Find out more on our web page.

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