In Brief: Association of German Cities calls for clearer rules regarding e-scooters

Helmut Dedy, head of the Association of German Cities, said many people see e-scooters as “toys” rather than as a means of transport. The association is calling for more clearly defined rules.

Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels



Der Deutsche Städtetag (Association of German Cities) is calling for more clearly defined rules regarding e-scooters. Association head, Helmut Dedy, told the newspapers of the RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland that many people see e-scooters as “toys” rather than as a means of transportation. He also said the association underestimated the initial difficulties of introducing e-scooters to cities across Germany.

E-scooters have been allowed in Berlin for almost six weeks now.

Green politician Cem Özdemir is the chairman of the Committee on Transport and Digital Infrastructure in the German parliament. He said in the future, there should be proper parking spaces for e-scooters.


The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reports the Deutsche Bahn had to reimburse passengers a total of 54.5 million euros last year due to delayed or cancelled trains. That’s more than double the amount the company had to refund in 2014.

The newspaper reports according to current rules, passengers are entitled to a refund of 25 percent of their fare after an hour long delay and 50 percent of their fare after two hours.


Those in the SPD looking to land the party’s top leadership positions have just under four weeks to apply.

There are six known candidates who have applied in teams of two, as well as one individual candidate.

Secretary General Lars Klingbeil is reportedly still considering a bid. He told n-tv, it’s important to him that the decision is not made by one or two people in some backroom. It should be the members who have the deciding word.

Lower Saxony’s premier Stephan Weil said on Monday that he would not run for the top leadership position.


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