In Brief: Germany plans to invest 40 billion euros in the country’s coal regions

As Germany prepares to phase out coal by 2038, the proposed funds would go to regions in the country most affected by the transition.

Photo by Dominik Vanyi on Unsplash



On Wednesday, Germany’s federal cabinet approved a draft bill to invest 40 billion euros in the country’s coal mining regions as Germany prepares for the shutdown of all coal-fired power plants by 2038.

The proposed funds would be invested in infrastructure, public transport, research, and job creation.

Germany’s Green party continues to demand the country expedite the timeline to withdraw from coal. They’ve proposed shutting down coal-fired power plants by 2030.


Die Linke party in Berlin is calling for a reduction in the number of parking spots around the city. It’s one component in a plan to increase climate protection in Germany’s capital.

The converted parking spaces would be used for wider footpaths and parking zones for rental bikes and e-scooters.

The party also wants to set a timeline to introduce a BVG ticket that costs 365 euros for the year, modeled after a similar system in Vienna.


The newspapers Bild and BZ report that it could be until next year before something happens with the proposed Mietendeckel, or rent cap.

According to their reporting, Senator for Urban Development and Housing Katrin Lompscher told members of parliament that there would probably be a delay, in part because the respective districts and mayors have to be involved in the process.

Berlin’s Finance Senator Mathias Kollatz said the city is “breaking new ground” – which means there’s no existing framework and change will take time


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